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    OT Kinesiology ProConsult

    OT Kinesiology Pro Consult is a resource to learn how to correctly and accurately measure joint range of motion...

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    smarTooth is an interactive application designed to fully automate the space analysis calculations required to treat a patient orthodontically. Its intended use is for orthodontists...

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    Dex: Your Virtual Pet

    Meet Dex. He is your new virtual pet and he needs your help. Dex has diabetes and needs extra care...

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    Monster Forest

    Monster Forest is fun and addictive for all ages. Capture as many of these little monsters as you can to climb to the top of the leaderboards...

We Do

The department of Technology Enhanced Learning and Innovation is a division of Information Technology Services at Augusta University. We are a collection of designers and developers that create high end mobile, desktop and multimedia applications.

iOS & Andriod Apps

We develop high end mobile applications that are professionally designed, useful and educational. Developed for students, faculty and staff, our mobile applications enhance the education process at Augusta University in the clinic, the classroom and beyond.

Game Development

Take your educational concept to the next level with interactive games. We develop games for the iOS and Android as well as for the web. Below are just a few examples of how games can educate as well as entertain.

iBooks & eBooks

Take your book, textbook, manual or brochure to the next level with interactivity and multimedia. With our iBook and eBook development team, we can bring your publication to life.

Medical Illustration

Our department offers medical illustration with 3D animation, illustration and interactive services in the health sciences field. With experience in the operating room aided by research we are able to visualize the dynamics of anatomy and put it into a visual story. Avoid potential problems surfacing by using a trained medical illustrator for your accurate healthcare and creative needs.