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Emergency Ultrasound Reference

This guide is a pocket reference for the clinician who utilizes ultrasound in the bedside evaluation of patients. Foremost, the intent is to assist the clinician in identifying clinical scenarios in which bedside ultrasound would be useful. This text also provides guidance on technical matters such as probe selection, probe placement, and interpretation of normal anatomy. Perhaps most importantly, the guide assists the clinician in determining how best to integrate the ultrasound results into clinical practice. The clinician must, however, possess knowledge of the limitations of ultrasound in each scenario and must recognize when other diagnostic modalities are needed. Further, this guide is not to serve as a complete reference or as a substitute for adequate cognitive and practical hands-on training.


There is also a HTML 5 version for viewing, here.


http://jaguware.com/ibooks/Ultrasound ebook 2016v3.pdf

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