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Dex – Your Virtual Pet

Meet Dex. He is your new virtual pet and he needs your help. Dex has diabetes and needs extra care.
You can feed Dex, pet Dex, even play games with Dex, all while learning more about diabetes and how to make healthy food choices.

2015 Silver Award Winner in the International Serious Play Awards.

• Feed Dex taking extra care to how food affects his health, energy and blood sugar
• Play with Dex. Exercise is an important part of controlling your blood sugar.
• Rest: Rest and Sleep are important to Dex’s health.
• Learn: Learn more about diabetes and healthy food choices while shopping for food with coins you earn playing fun mini games.
• Have Fun: Earn coins to buy Dex’s food by playing fun and educational mini games!
• Earn a daily reward for checking on Dex and ensuring he is healthy and happy.

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